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Dez is a Christian, a wife and a mother and she has Ankylosing Spondylitis, a type of systemic, autoimmune arthritis as well as one of the rarest forms of migraine disorder called Hemiplegic Migraine. She has been disabled for nearly 10 years, she has to use a crutch to walk and may be only weeks away from being wheelchair and bed bound. The systemic arthritis, while attacking nearly every joint in her body and fusing parts of her spine, also saw fit to attack her lungs so she is battling lung disease as well as chronic intractable pain from all three conditions.

Dez is also a survivor of CSA, narcissistic, spiritual, physical & emotional abuse and she may have also been trafficked as a young child. Dez has helped victims of cult abuse understand their trauma as she has spent many years studying the occult among other important subject matter. She has had a particularly strong interest in cults and cult behavior because of her own history, she is a survivor of cult abuse and her hope is to help other survivors come to terms with and understand their trauma so that they can process it and move forward.

We are building a community of survivors to alleviate for them the perception that survivors of abuse are alone. You are NOT alone! Dez has developed two Support Projects, one for survivors of abuse and another focused on support for people struggling with chronic illness and chronic intractable pain. She is a fierce advocate for survivors of abuse and spoonie’s because she has extensive experience battling the devastating effects of those very things.

This particular website is the Ministry side of our Projects and will cover many different topics. We hope that the things we expose here will be a blessing and a help to others. We want to provide a systematic examination of the direction this world is headed for any who have interest in such things.

Dez has been equipped with a good amount of experience in regard to the things she has and plans to share here and she hopes that experience brings value to her readers. When a person faces down the abyss that is his or her own mortality, that process changes a person. You begin to see things that you never could before and while she doesn’t claim to be anything special, that process has helped her uncover things about the world, God and the human condition that we hope will be a benefit to our subscribers. She intends to dig into the deep things of God, the world and herself but there will also be Guest Authors and other contributors both here at Cult Of The Harpy and at our sister projects. If you would like to get to know her better, please take a look at her Testimony.

You can find us on Twitter @cultoftheharpy (we follow back).

If you would like to contribute or if you’d like to be hosted as a Guest Author, you’re welcome to use the Contact Form, we are open to collaboration provided Guest Authors or Contributors have a good amount of experience in the areas they wish to contribute to. Please see our Policies Page for more information.

God Bless You All.

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