Ritual Abuse | Part 1 | Addendum


Series: Ritual Abuse | Part 1 | Addendum

An “Uncommon” Form of Molestation?

Today, a good friend of mine sent the below video to me in a DM on Twitter, she had noticed as she was listening to it that the woman who is being interviewed in the video spoke of many experiences that were very similar to mine, particularly the ritualistic use of enemas by my abusers every single week towards the end of the week. I was told by a therapist long ago that the repeated use of enema’s was an uncommon form of molestation but that it happened. Now I wonder how much that therapist may have known on the topic of ritual abuse and trafficking. I don’t know why yet, but I had the overwhelming impression that they were used to “prepare” me for something. I believe that I included that information in Ritual Abuse | Part 1 | The Genesis of Memory.

This woman also began recovering memories at the age of 35-36 and also had accepted Christ at age 3. There are just so many similarities and I have never met this woman, nor the others who have had the exact same experience of recovered memory around age 36. Apparently, age 2 is the prime age to begin trauma based control and 3 and 4 are the prime ages that cult members require for trafficking of children to their contacts. If you count 33 years into the future, that age would be around 35-36, and with cults, numbers are very important and I simply cannot see this as a coincidence, but is this by design? I can’t imagine that the cult members would ever want this information exposed but this number just seems far too important to be a mere accident for so many survivors with dissociation. If you are a therapist or a survivor with some kind of insight on this, please contact me.

Common Ties | Survivor Testimony

Please listen to this interview if the topic of ritual abuse interests you but please know that it’s a graphic interview and may be triggering for survivors. Please compare this woman’s testimony with my written testimony series on ritual abuse. If you find as many similarities as I did and you’re a skeptic, I don’t think you can justify denial when you see multiple people with similar testimonies who have never met, come from different socio-economic backgrounds etc.. Another commonality I continue to see is that many of us survivors come from royal bloodlines. My family on my mother’s side comes from Spanish royalty and I have heard from many other survivors that are further along in the discovery process than I am that have much more memory to draw from who say that many of us in fact do come from one (or two) of the 13 royal bloodlines, this isn’t the first survivor that I have heard say this. 

Unfortunately, I think it’s clear that the elite have successfully discredited anyone who talks about the “Illuminati”, the public see’s it as a bad joke now but there truly is something to these bloodlines and their participation in cults AND mass rituals using the entertainment industry. This survivor talks about the victim to victimizer pipeline that many of us are either prepared for or foisted into and from my own personal experience, I know that my aunt was a victim turned victimizer and the same can be said about my grandmother who I have suspected of dissociative identity disorder for years. She behaves like a completely different person when around her church or friends than she does with me alone and I am not sure she even recognizes it. I also know that she was raped repeatedly by her step-father and she went on to allow essentially the same cycle with her own children and grandchildren with her husband who was not her daughter’s true blood father.

Victim to Victimizer | Breaking The Cycles

I have had the strong impression since my own process of discovery (of recovered memory) began that I was to be the victimizer for my generation, that is what I was being prepared for, that was to be my “position”, except, my parents finally ended up coming to get my brother and I and no matter what my grandmother tried, she couldn’t legally stop it. She went to her church at the time and gave them some sob story about how our parents abandoned us there with her and she was trying to get enough people to rally around her when the time came that my dad would decide it was time for us to go home to be with them, to be a family. My grandmother knew that day was coming and she tried to stop it, unsuccessfully. I thank God for that. Who knows who I would have become under her continued “care”.

Please take a look at the video below when you have some time, some of what this woman has said allowed me to make some important connections in regard to my own abuse. I also want to tell those survivors that may be reading this that you are not alone.


News: Survivor E-Book | Pocket Guide

I have been working on a free e-book for survivors which I hope I can finish swiftly. I am still in research phase but I think it will really help all of us to identify latent programming as well as helping us to identify predators that may be trying to embed themselves in our lives, the e-book is based on a personal experience that I had in identifying one such predator and I hope it will help others do the same.

God Bless & Keep You All, Amen.


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