The Latter Rain


The Latter Rain

It’s a rainy summer this year in NYC. I can hear the thunder as the dark skies prepare to release torrents of pouring rain. During my prayer time the biblical verses of latter rain came to mind. I had to stop and read through these verses in order to fully understand the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit amidst the crackle and boom of rolling thunder. 

Contrary to popular belief (and tradition), there is no verse that specifically says, “And the latter rain shall be greater than the former.” There are, however, quite a number of bible verses that refer to both. Remember, this was a farming people, so the language in the bible often references agriculture.

This city girl has had to do her research in order to fully comprehend even the parables of Jesus, which were cloaked in farming terminology in order to get His point across to His audience. The former rain refers to autumn and winter in the Middle East, while the latter rain comes in the spring. The Israelites followed this schedule to work the land in order to produce a harvest. There were moments in biblical history when their disobedience resulted in drought and, consequently, famine. 

Here are just some of the verses that speak of former and latter rain:

Deuteronomy 11:14

Isaiah 44:3-4

Hosea 6:3

Hosea 10:12

Joel 2:23

Zechariah 10:1

James 5:7

The verses in Isaiah may resonate with many of you. If you felt led to visit this website and read my sister’s testimony, chances are you suffered from similar abuse. Perhaps you were taught lies and have a twisted image of Jesus.

The real Christ can heal every last one of those soul wounds and offers you a new life in Him. He is the oasis in your desert. Let the Lord pour His latter rain on your situation, your brokenness, your desperation. He makes all things new (Revelation 21:5). Give your life over to the Lord today.

I pray this blesses you.

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