Our Mission

Cult Of The Harpy: This ministry aims to both educate the public and the Church on the dangers of the occult and the times in which we are living. We also aim to provide support and fellowship to all who request or require it.

The Survivors Compendium Project: Our sister project aims to provide a space and support specifically for survivors of abuse. Support for survivors of Ritual Abuse in particular is sadly lacking, even online. We aim to provide some of that badly needed support with the Compendium-Project Site and Forum.

The Dark Side Of The Spoonie Project: This is another sister project of COTH that we have developed specifically for Spoonie’s struggling with Chronic Illness/Injury, including Mental Injury & Illness due to abuse. This Project is modeled after the Compendium Project but for Spoonie’s.

Warning: If you believe that you will become too triggered by our content, we ask that you not read any of the topics posted in Forum(s) or on Site(s) that are most likely to do so. This ministry will be held harmless.


Cult Of The Harpy:
If you wish to contact Cult Of The Harpy or have a technical issue you need assistance with, please email the Administrator at CultOfTheHarpy@gmail.com.

If you wish to contact the Survivors Compendium Project or have a technical issue, you can contact the Admin (for both Forum and Site) at
Survivors.Compendium@gmail.com. We hope that the project is a blessing to you.

Dark Side Of The Spoonie:
If you wish to contact the Dark Side Of The Spoonie Project or have a technical issue, you can contact the Admin (for both Forum and Site) at DarkSideOfTheSpoonie@Gmail.com.

If you would like to contribute, please take a look at our Policies Page.

Special Thanks

The Static Author & Owner would like to give special thanks to all Contributors and Guest Authors of both Cult Of The Harpy, Compendium-Project & Dark Side Of The Spoonie for your incredible contributions! God bless each and every one of you.


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A Note About Our Ministry:
If you are a victim/survivor of abuse, we can help you find resources and provide fellowship as you heal. We have a Support Forum for Survivors where they can network with each other and discuss trauma in a safe, supportive environment and we provide the same for Spoonie’s who are struggling with Chronic Illness/Injury as well. This website is the Ministry side of our Projects. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns using the Contact Page or use the Prayer Request Form if you would like us to pray for you.

May God Bless & Keep You All. Amen.

Star Moon Please consider donating to this Ministry if you feel so led so that we can continue to both educate the public on the occult and so that we can continue to help survivors of abuse by keeping this site and our sister projects up and running. (PayPal Donation Button located @ top right of our right-hand navigation panel on this page if using a PC or below this article if using a Mobile Device.

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