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We cover many different topics here including: Abuse, CSA, Human Trafficking, Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain (and how that ties into the Transhuman Agenda), Surviving the Narcissist, The Occult, Occult Symbolism in Popular Culture, Cult Feasts, News Headlines, Earth Changes, Science & Technology and more. We have also developed sister projects which will host two Blogs as well as Support Forums. Please bear with us as we fill out the Menu items on the site as we just finished a re-design.

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Those who volunteer for this project have studied or have had direct experience (or both) with the things that we expose on this site. The Static Author here has studied the occult extensively for many years and you will find it is a recurring theme here. The author used to be deep into New Age & occult practices before God pulled her out of that lifestyle. She is also a survivor of cult abuse and she now dedicates all of the free time she has to trying to expose occult practices for what they are (as do some of our volunteers), and she also administrates our sister projects.

We expose these things through an informational and conversational style, we break the occult and it’s practices down into smaller, digestible and understandable pieces while knitting a series of informative posts into a more unified view of the whole so that others can see how truly pervasive these things are in the world and we do it all in love with the hope that it will both help others understand the enemy that we face, and to give them the tools they need to shield themselves and their children from its insidious effects. We can only fight our enemy if we know our enemy.

While the occult isn’t necessarily required to be understood, its insidious, deceptive and symbolic language is in almost everything around us. Deception is rampant in this generation and occult symbolism is in everything from corporate logo’s, commercials, TV & entertainment, to the music industry (Christian music/movies included), and it’s even crept into the Church itself. We are told repeatedly in the pages of scripture: “Do not be deceived” and our hope is that this project goes some way in helping others come out of the bondage of deception.

The occult is not all that we write about but it’s certainly one of the most important topics of our time due to its pervasive nature in the age of mass media and communication. Another very important subject we talk about here is chronic illness/disability and the Christian life, and how that ties directly into the Transhuman Agenda. You can find information about that in the Main Menu under “The Struggle”. Our sister projects aim to provide support to both survivors of abuse as well as spoonie’s battling chronic illness and chronic pain. Please keep a lookout for announcements on those projects.

You may be wondering how chronic illness fits into a site such as this but incredibly, chronic illness is linked to untold wickedness by the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience, and it wants to steer this world to an end game of prophetic proportions. Check out our series on Transhumanism to learn more. We may also periodically post health news but whatever your interest, our hope is that you will glean something useful from this publication.

How Cult of the Harpy Was Born

The Cult of the Harpy is a description that epitomizes the direction this world has taken in modeling itself after the Dragon and his image and his cult is comprised of those who follow after the things of the world which the harpy currently has dominion of. Satan often manifests in the feminine aspect in the occult making him that much harder to identify as s/he is often wrapped in difficult symbolism; he is androgyny which is exactly why we see the youngest generations transforming themselves into his image, they have become confusion.

This ministry aims to both educate the public on the dangers of the occult by breaking down the images of its symbolism and we aim to help others come out of the bondage of witchcraft which has taken so many forms, it takes a site like this just to break it all down and expose it to the light. We expose the Cult Of The Harpy by holding a mirror up to the world so that those who are still being called out of her will see her for what she really is, the strange woman detailed in the pages of scripture, whose ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them. If you want to learn more about the harpy and the strange woman, read our series on the Cult of Gaia which is in rotation above.

The Project

Broadly, this project is about sounding the alarm by exposing the things done in secret, providing information & commentary from a Christian perspective, deliverance, discipleship, counseling, prayer and fellowship; but we are also here to be a support for those coming out of the bondage of the world, spiritual Egypt (the wilderness) and into the light. The Lord called those who volunteer for this project to be watchmen on the wall and the owner felt personally called as a watchman after years of careful study into everything from the sciences, philosophy & the occult, to comparative religion and scripture itself and the gifts God gave her to perform this function are command of the written word & experience among others.

Our main concern is with bringing you as much information as possible so that you have all that you need to make a decision or revisit an old one as new information makes itself available to you. A short disclaimer: We understand that everyone has their own unique perspectives and we respect your right to your own opinions, but please also respect ours and those of our subscribers. We will not tolerate abuse of any kind for any reason.

If you have a tip, feedback, have an idea about a topic you’d like us to cover on the site, if you want to collaborate or you just want to have a discussion about something in private, you can send us an email over at the Contact page; we would love to hear from you. If you need someone to pray for you or you need intercession for someone you care about, head over to the Intercession page and the Prayer Team will get in touch with you. You can also find/follow us on Twitter @cultoftheharpy. Finally, we ask for your prayers for this ministry as we expose this ancient cult. God bless you all.

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May God Bless You All. Amen.

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